Industry Issues

Consumer Concerns

Research has identified three major areas of consumer dissatisfaction with the industry.


Agents fees have increased by approximately 50% over the number of years. There is significant new technology in place for major cost savings but the current structure within the industry means those savings are not been passed on to the client.


More and more agencies offer a genuine competitive advantage in relation to either fees or service, the result is: many agencies are focused on prospecting for new business rather than servicing the existing clients.


Virtually all consumer surveys on the real estate industry identify the lack of communication between vendor's and agents as one of the major area's of vendor dissatisfaction.


Cost Savings

Australian Property Choice offers vendors huge savings on typical agency fees.

Structural Change

Australian Property Choice combines modern technology, a centralised administration process and strong local representation to deliver genuine cost savings and quality service.


Australian Property Choice service charter emphasize the necessity for our vendors to be kept informed through every step of the sale process, straight through to settlement.


Australian Property Choice use all major internet sites and advises on the appropriate press as the "Shop Window" for your property. By priority listing the property, your home can be viewed 24/7.

Service and Expertise

We deliver a superior level of service and marketing skills, designed to maximise buyer interest and therefore create real selling opportunities. This is the key to the Australian Property Choice service philosophy.

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The Brand

What's in our name?

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